Thursday, 29 October 2015

Digital Literacy

Any idea what is digital literacy? It is the ability to use technology tactfully and responsibly to collect, organise, analyse, and create information. Digital literacy is no longer just a privilege or a convenience, it is a necessity and very often required part of being a productive and responsible citizen.

Self Test

Below is the rating of my current level of digital literacy. It is based on a scale of 1 to 5 (where 1 is no experience, and 5 is very experienced).

- Accessing, managing and evaluating online information ---> Rating: 3

Looking for information online is not an uphill task and I can most definitely
access and manage them. However, I may have problems evaluating the reliability
and credibility of the information obtained.

- Participating in online communities ---> Rating: 1

I do not have any experience with online communities, but I don't mind joining
one in the near future.

- Building online networks around an area of interest ---> Rating 3

I am an artsy person who likes photography. My online networks are mainly from
Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube channels. Those are mainly for casual and
non-work-related platforms. I would definitely create a LinkedIn profile to improve
my career prospects.

- Collaborating with others ---> Rating: 2

Collaboration with peers (other students) in school, I would absolutely say yes, I did.
However, I have done limited collaborations with working adults. When my Industrial
Placement Programme commences, there will be more opportunities to collaborate
and interact with others.

- Creating online materials (test, audio, images, video) ---> Rating: 3

I created videos and animated images when I was pursuing my IT diploma a few years
back. Here are some tools I used for developing animations; Adobe Photoshop and
Flash, Blender, and iMovie.

- Managing your online identity ---> Rating: 2

I pay very close attention to where I expose my online identity; I usually would just use
fictitious information to maintain anonymity on websites.

- Managing your online privacy security ---> Rating: 3

I do change my passwords regularly. In addition, I unsubscribed and deleted accounts
which I no longer use.

At the end of the 12 days module, I hope to enhance the level of digital literacy I currently possess.

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