Thursday, 29 October 2015


I was helping a friend with her film production early this year.

I have always been an inquisitive and artsy individual. Thus, I can be pretty spontaneous when something new interests me. I always believe that there is no age limit for learning; knowledge is indispensable, and education is the new millennium. There is no doubt that our education system has made significant progress over the past few decades. Even now, as we pass from the old millennium to the new, learning and teaching methodologies have been constantly reviewed and refined, the most recent being the infusion of digital technology and critical thinking skills into the curriculum. That being said, I have no regret joining this program - BSc degree in Marketing by University of Southampton because it consists of the numerous modules which are critical for modern age students like me.

                                                              © Ryan
Make the most of inexperience. A beginner has a fresh perspective. The amateurish and unprofessional are open to new ideas; I will try anything and everything. I have been experiencing many things in life from photography to programming, from psychology to marketing. I guess there is no distinct boundary for learning. As I advance into the new millennium, I need to bear in mind that inflexibility and complacency are the greatest obstacles to advancement. I should not rest on my laurels but continue to innovate and strive for the best.

Lastly,  just a short reflection on what was being taught by Dr Lisa on digital literacy. We heard many negative stories about the web, with regard to cyber bullying and identity theft. However, we neglected the fact that we can proactively manage our digital experiences. Thus, I look forward to learning more about digital literacy through the upcoming few discussions and by the end of the module, I hope to see a significant difference on my digital profiles.

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