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Reflective Summary On Online Identity/Identities

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This topic has established to be an extremely thought-provoking one, its comprehensive nature has enabled it to be interpreted in several intriguing directions. Some saw that having multiple online identities could be an advantage while others deemed it to be a disadvantage. Likewise, Andrea’s blogpost has outlined a clear distinction by contrasting one pro with one con of having a variety of identities online. Additionally, it was interesting to read about how the anonymity of consumers could severely influence marketers’ assessments on the formers behaviours. For example, it would be an arduous task for marketers to evaluate and create essential values to satisfy customers needs.

In response to Tian Yi’s blogpost, she argued that having multiple identities to target different consumers is extremely effective for Marketers. In her conclusion though, she stated that she will only own a maximum of two online identities. Hence, I questioned the consistency of her blogpost. That brings me to my next point that having multiple identities might seem to bring an abundance of benefits. However, it definitely has its fair share of limitations. After watching this Video posted by Essena O’Neill, an eighteen year old Australian Instagram sensation, it brought to my attention that social media can indeed have an adverse effect on peoples’ lives. Most people have been yearning for social acceptance by constructing multiple online identities to build on a “perfect” brand for themselves. However, I questioned to myself whether they are genuinely happy with their lives or is it all a façade? (A quick shout out to @lisaharris @Sophiee_Pitman, thanks for this tweet, definitely beneficial for my blogpost)

In contrary, as the saying goes, there are always two sides to every story. Essena might have generalized the entire social media community to be a murky one. However, Meghan McCarthy developed a YouTube video today in response to Essena’s one-dimensional generalisation. Meghan put forward an argument that not all social media sites emulate negativities:

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Ultimately, different people have absolutely varied perspectives on what it means to have multiple identities online. There are numerous benefits and shortcomings for both professional and social contexts. In summary, there is no specific way to use the internet, it all boils down to specific individuals and what they want to achieve for their personal brand online.

Sometimes, it’s pretty nice to receive words of acknowledgement from your peers. Anyway, you’re welcome @wjang012:

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