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Reflective Summary on Unethical Issues

Credit: Iqbal M. (2014)
Business Ethics: What is the Role of Business
via TopMBA
The invention of social media has revolutionised how we communicate in today’s society. Most people would say that it’s great. For many, it’s rekindled old friendships, allowed us to meet people from all walks of life and closed the communication gap felt by long distances between families, friends, colleagues, and organisations. This brings me to my first learning point about the importance of building one’s network online. Fair N. (2015) has emphasized that building a larger network of connections can be advantageous to one’s future career prospects. Here’s an article by Spencer D. (2014) which is pertinent to what Fair N. has discussed in the hangout video earlier:
Credit: Spencer D. (2014) Power Networking in 3 Steps. Entrepreneur

For all positive things that come about with social media, there are also unpleasant truths that ensue. Some unethical behaviours like cyber bullying, identity theft or even damaged reputations were briefly presented in my previous post. Before I move on to other learning points I gained throughout this topic, here’s an animated clip which I found to be rather valuable for supporting my previous post on privacy:

Credit: leadinginnovation, Dos and Don'ts when

In response to Tian Yi’s blogpost, I questioned her understanding on the distinctions between online bashing and cyber mobbing. From this I developed a greater understanding of both terms. Additionally, she supported her argument with a useful article about Cyberbullying by Wallen K. (2015). However, I disagree with one of the “advantages” she presented in her blogpost. She specified that online bashing offers organisations a comparison point. Personally, I feel that organisations can just exhibit an overview of their product/service specifications against their competitors online. For example:

Credit: Rosen E. (2014) Comparison of Airline Elite Status - Which Program is Best? via ThePointsGuy

Furthermore, I questioned Crystal with a peculiar question regarding her future career prospects. I was genuinely impressed with her response, and it certainly reflected well in her blogpost. Also, I was rather shocked to see that Singapore’s renowned telecommunication company committed such an unethical act by defaming other organisations for their personal gain. Lastly, I learned that as marketers, building brand loyalty and trust is a vital part of a long-term strategy for organisations (Manjur R., 2015). Therefore, organisations should always be ethical if they want to grow their business in this competitive world.

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